In 1921 in Albion, Illinois, E. A. Nale and his wife Bessie founded Nales Funeral Home. It was their heartfelt desire to serve the families of the community during the very difficult time after the death of a loved one. They worked together for many years, reaching out to neighbors, friends and family when they were most needed.


In 1931, the Nales opened a second funeral home in Fairfield, Illinois. E.A.'s son Chloren and his wife Helen continued the operation of the Albion funeral home while E.A. operated the new funeral home in Fairfield.


After the death of E.A. Nale in the early 1970s, Chloren and Helen Nale moved to the Fairfield location while their son Kent Nale and wife Sue took over the management of the Albion funeral home.


After the death of Chloren Nale, his son Kent became the third generation owner and he presently owns both locations.


From the horse drawn hearse in the early years of operation to modern motorized equipment, Nale's Funeral Home has seen many changes in the customs of the funeral service. While the days of mud roads, no telephones, and embalming performed in homes have faded into memories, our sincere goal is to make a difficult time a little easier in our home-like facilities.